About Us

The Team

Chuck Peoples, Critical Care Paramedic NREMT-P

Chuck has worked in Emergency Medical Services for 27 years. Working as a paramedic and a firefighter in a variety of positions. Working municipal departments and contracted positions around the world. Chuck has worked in austere and remote areas gaining a unique prospective in medical care.
Chuck has been a EMS, fire service and medical instructor for over 20 years. With teaching experience in medical, rescue, wilderness, remote and tactical medicine, Chuck brings a varied experience to all of our classes with a no nonsense approach, "these skills are not rocket science.". 

Areas of Specialty


Homestead Medical, we offer a variety of classes to prepare you to care for anyone in any environment. From basic to advanced care, Homestead Medical will prepare you to be ready when the time comes. No nonsense approach to training showing this isn't rocket science, medical training is for and can be taken by any age student. Students will learn, practice, then execute in real world scenarios. Hands on based instruction , not death by power point, to prepare you for any circumstances. 

Equipment and Supplies

Do you want to be prepared? From basic “boo boo” kits  to advanced medical kits, we can have you ready. 

IFAK, basic first aid, prolonged care, k-9 care, comprehensive field care and individual pieces of equipment. Homestead Medical will have you prepared and ready to care and treat in any situation. 

Homestead Medical has custom built kits to fit a variety of Special Operations Equipment medical gear. 


Custom Training Classes and Kits

Do you or your group have specific skills or topics you want to be trained on? Homestead Medical can customize your training to meet your needs. contact us for customized training packages built for your needs.

Do you require purpose built kits? Mission specific equipment. Homestead Medical can build any medical kit for your specific needs and mission profile. Contact us today for more information.