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Prepare and Train for Tomorrow. Training=Survivability

Training ensures your preparedness. Learn, Prepare and Execute!!! Be ready for tomorrow by training today. 

Featured Product 


We are now carrying the Everyday Carry Tourniquet-Wide. 30% smaller than regular tourniquets. We have done in house testing in classes with this product and it hasn’t failed yet. Rugged and dependable. ZERO EXCUSE not to carry medical everyday.

Contact our staff for custom designed classes for your group.


Become your own first first responder.

Homestead Medical trains you today to be prepared for tomorrow. Weather you have no medical training or you want to build on the skills you develop, Homestead Medical has the training for you. Starting with the very basics to advanced medical care and prolonged field care when there is no doctor

Medical Kits and Equipment

Medical Kits

Homestead Medical can supply you with everything from basic hole first aid kits to fully stocked IFAK. Our purpose built kits are created with the end user in mind. We ensure every kit is stocked with the supplies you need for whatever emergency you encounter. Our quality products are field tested and proven to stand the rigors of emergency and non-emergency use. 

Homestead Medical has custom built kits for a variety of Special Operations Equipment medical gear.


Contact our staff for custom built kits that we can customize to your specific needs. 

The date is approaching fast and we’re making preparations. Don’t miss out.


It’s almost here!


Upcoming Classes and Events


Kentucky Sustainable Living Festival

9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Bowling Green, Ky

04/12-04/14, 2024

Homestead Medical Level1 Course 

All day

New London, Ohio

08/17-08/18, 2024


10/5-10/6, 2024

All day

Camden, Tn- Special Operations Equipment